Glenn Betz Jewlers St. Louis, MO

Glenn Betz Jewelers

Glenn Betz Jewlers St. Louis, MO

Glenn Betz Jewelers

Full-Service St. Louis Jewelry Store

Custom Jewelry Design

Sketching Your Jewelry Design

Visit our jewelry store in Des Peres, MO and meet with one of our knowledgeable and talented staff members. You may also call/email Glenn Betz Jewelers to set up an appointment and/or send over a sketch of your jewelry design. Whether you have a jewelry design in mind or you are looking for something one-of-a-kind, ideas and estimates are always FREE.

Computer Aided Jewelry Design

At Glenn Betz Jewelers, in Des Peres, MO, we are able to utilize the most innovative and cutting-edge technology to help our customers through the jewelry design process. We design your custom piece of jewelry, using Computer Aided Modeling, this allows us to show you exactly what your jewelry will look like before our casters make it!

Wax Ring Carving

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Jewelry Casting

Each wax model goes through the lost wax casting process. The wax is first “invested” in a plaster type substance. The plaster is poured into a flask and then heated in a kiln to remove the wax, leaving a negative space where the wax was. Our casters melt the metal and pour it onto the flask creating a casting of your jewelry, in the metal of your choosing.

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St. Louis Jewelry Services & Repairs

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Custom Jewelry Design

Many customers prefer to custom design their jewelry, therefore truly creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Glenn Betz Jewelers, in Des Peres, MO, is happy to help bring your vision to life. Re-designing your jewelry can be a great experience! Why not take those older, perhaps out of date designs, and re-make them into something new and current; a new look that fits your personal style.

Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry insurance on any ring, bracelet, necklace, diamond, etc. is determined by an appraisal. Before a jewelry insurance claim can be made, a jeweler must determine the worth of a piece of jewelry in today’s market (which fluctuates depending on the given price of gold/gemstones.)

Jewelry Engravings

We offer personalized engraving on all types of jewelry and many other items as well. Rings, bracelets, charms, watch backs, etc.

Hand engraving: this traditional method of engraving is all done by our fair skilled hand craftsman.

Machine Engraving: We have an extensive range of styles, types, and fonts to choose from that is perfect for adding that personal touch to your jewelry.

Watch Repair

Watch repair takes special care and talent. Our certified expert watch makers have been helping our customers for years.

Watch Batteries

We change any and all quartz-movements watch batteries. While you wait on-site.

Gold Buying

We buy gold at the most competitive prices.

Pearl/Bead Re-stringing

Pearls should be restrung every two or three years — or more often, depending on how repetitively they are worn. Glenn Betz Jewelers can re-string and repair pearls to their original luster in order to secure the life of your investment.

Jewelry Repair

At Glenn Betz Jewelers we have a fully equipped workshop with a whole host of traditional tools which, combined with our 35+ year ‘Bench’ experience enables us to say “Yes” to almost any jewelry repair

Jewelry Cleaning

Make your diamonds and gemstones sparkle again with our jewelry cleaning services. Wearing your favorite pieces will often cause a build up of body oils, smudges and grime from the environment. Our team will efficiently examine your jewelry for any loose gemstones or other potential problems before carefully cleaning the piece with the appropriate methods.


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